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This past Friday (September 16, 2011) I was pleased to meet with Clive Clynick (Canada’s famed detectorist and author) and Rob Freeman of Minelab Americas and Tim Pacan, Sales Manager at Radioworld in Toronto, ON.  We met for several hours talking about Minelab Detectors, future plans for Minelab in Canada and story upon story about Clive’s detecting accomplishments and his publications.

I was glad to see Clive again! He is a great fellow and always has an interesting story or two. Clive is the author of several metal detecting books which are considered “must haves” in the metal detecting community. They are chock full of techniques, tips and tricks to operating your metal detector and finding more treasure!  Clive’s most recent finds are a sight to behold and listening to the story behind them never gets old. You can find out more information on Clive’s finds by visiting his website at

 Minelab Americas and Minelab Canada have been working hard on some very exciting changes that have already started. Existing Minelab Canada Dealers are receiving up to date training, faster delivery of product and more accountable support than ever before.  We are striving to ensure that Minelab customers have the best sales and support team from coast to coast. 

To accomplish these measured improvements changes are underway. New dealers are being added from coast to coast and our NEW Canadian Service Centre will soon be announced.  Marketing plans include having Minelab products and seminars available to consumers across Canada in consumer trade shows and at Detector Club meetings, supporting the hobby at a grass roots level.  More information on where you will see Minelab products at a venue near you will be announced shortly.

Until then, visit the website at and browse around. Some fantastic stories and videos are found by clicking the Treasure Talk tab.


Jack Summers
Minelab Canada

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